Adele Tour 2016 Don’t Miss This Chance!

The one and only Adele is going to be performing live concerts once again during this glorious 2016. None of the fans have had the opportunity to be able to see this amazing singer of close and personal for several years, but she has finally decided step back into the limelight and get all her adoring fans what they want. After a long wait she has finally put out a new album called 25, and it is sweeping the world. This will be the first chance to hear these new tracks live and in person. Don’t miss your chance to get tickets now!

Her concerts are going to start very soon, and the first continent that is going to get these amazing shows is Europe. These fans definitely hit the lottery this year! She will be performing in Belfast Ireland on February 29 as her first show to open her tour. After she is done with her first stop she is going to go to all of the major cities in Europe. Our European brothers and sisters definitely lucked out by being some of the first stops on Adele’s new tour. Once she is done going around Europe the second leg of her concerts will begin and she will start playing her schedule dates all around North America.

The bulk of the shows are going to be taking place in the USA and Canada. Although, other countries are going to get a show or two as well. The last show on her North American leg is going to be taking place in Mexico City on November 15 in the country of Mexico. This is a great destination to end on after a grueling world tour. She is going on one of the longest treks of any artist in 2016. On the official schedule she has 105 concerts, and these shows are going to be taking place all over the globe.

It wasn’t even that long ago that she let the fans know she is planning to perform live shows once again. Right around the beginning of December is when she broke the news to the entire world. That means that there have only been one or two months to get your tickets since the announcement of her shows. It certainly isn’t easy getting tickets to see Adele perform though. It seems that every fan in the world is trying to pick up a seat to the concert in their area. That means that most of her concerts sold out very fast.

Adele always does all that she can to please her fans once she finally goes on the road. This means that when she found out that many fans did not get the chance to purchase a seat to her concert, she added as many shows as she could to each city. This gives each fan it better chance to get tickets. Even with these additional dates, the majority of dates sold out in only a couple minutes apiece. Venues that can hold tens of thousands of people solve all their tickets gone in just a handful of minutes! There were queues that sometimes quadrupled the total amount of available seats in the venue! That’s quite unusual for a musicians live shows, but that just shows you the level of popularity that Adele has at the moment.

If you are planning to see her show in North America you still aren’t too far behind the opening of the box office. In mid-December her tickets went on sale for the North American dates. There are still plenty of tickets to be purchased, especially in the major cities where she has a handful of shows planned for each stop. These large cities, such as Los Angeles for instance, have five or six shows in some cases for a single city! You won’t see many other musicians that can bring in this level of demand. You might not be able to believe this, but even playing this many concerts still left many fans out in the cold!